Aerospace Engineering Career: Courses, Salary in 2021

Aerospace Engineering career


Aerospace Engineering is one of the fastest-growing industries worldwide due to its high demand. Therefore, due to its increasing craze in people, many people want to make a career in Aerospace Engineering. And in this region, satellites and spacecraft are being built for finer details of space.

If we talk about India, after the Make in India campaign, there is a lot of emphasis on its new space projects. And India has also confirmed that it will also be the world’s largest manufacturing hub in the coming years.

Therefore, India is working on a plan to upgrade its space activity and defense system. And for all these tasks, competent Aerospace Engineers are in high demand.

So in this article, we will learn how to make a career in the Aerospace Engineering field. Which core qualification is required for this field?

And we will also know what is the scope of this field in the future and what skills should we have so that we can make our career in it.

Aerospace Engineering Career: Courses, Salary in 2021

What is Aerospace Engineering?

It is a branch of the engineering field that designs, develops, and manufactures Aircraft, Spacecraft, and Rockets. In order to prepare heavy projects, their prototypes are first created and tested.

Aerospace Engineering Career: Courses, Salary in 2021

Whereas Engineers working in this field keep upgrading the components of Aircraft and Spacecraft keeping in mind the changing technology.

Study Aerospace in detail, has been divided into two major parts.

1. Aeronautical Engineering

In this region, those aircraft are designed and manufactured that fly within the earth’s atmosphere. The following factors are taken into consideration. For exampleAir Resistance, Type of Materials, Thermal Heat, Fuel, Air Pressure, etc.

2. Astronautical Engineering

It studies the development of vehicles that fly outside the Earth’s atmosphere and on which atmospheric pressure does not work. The following factors are considered for designing.

For ExampleCosmic rays, radiation, and magnetic waves.

Scope of Aerospace Engineering

After the Make in India project, India has made a lot of progress in the field of space. Whether it is Mission Mars, the world record for launching 104 satellites, or the art of making large projects at low cost.

Even India (ISRO) has confirmed that it will not confine its missiles, space shuttle and aircraft’s to itself, but will also export to other countries. Which is a bold act to take India in a new direction in terms of employment and development.

Even the Indian Space Agency has plans to work with various large and small private companies in India. NSIL is a commercial wing of ISRO, which is helping India’s private companies to enter the space sector.

Therefore, based on all these facts, it seems that India is moving in the forward direction. So that the construction of airplanes, missiles, plans, etc. are in India and they do not have to depend on other countries.


Another interesting thing you want to tell people is that ISRO has approached the BEL company to manufacture solar cells to be used in space applications. And the BEL company has also approved to make 60000 solar cells per year.

From all these facts it is well known that the demand for this sector is going to increase a lot in the future.

How to Start a career in Aerospace Engineering?

Let me tell you that to make a career in Aerospace Engineering, it is mandatory to do some educational programs. We will talk in detail about the compulsory subjects, qualifications, and courses in the educational program.

Aerospace Engineering Qualification

To enroll in the Aerospace Engineering field, a candidate has to pass the 12th standard from the science stream. And for this course, it is mandatory to have a minimum of 55 % marks in class 12th. Also, if you want to avail of the scholarship, you have to bring above 85% in class 12th.

Many colleges offer scholarships on the basis of 12th-grade marks at the time of counseling of candidates.

Aerospace Engineering Courses and Duration

Today, Aerospace Engineers are in high demand in many Private and Government companies. Therefore, to make a career in this field, a candidate must have command over Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics.

There are various courses in which students are admitted to colleges after 12th through the Entrance Exam or Merit list.

1. Diploma Course

This is a 3-year course which is divided into 6 semesters. For doing a Diploma Course it is mandatory to have a minimum of 45% marks in the 10th standard. To do a Diploma Course, one can participate in the Entrance Exam conducted at the State or National level. In this course, maintenance, testing, manufacturing, and development of aircraft are studied.


Applicants must fulfill the following criteria to take a Diploma Course.

  • Applicant must have passed Class 10 from any recognized Board with a minimum of 45% marks.
  • It is necessary to have science & math in class 10th.

Candidates can do diploma courses in these various fields which are given below.

  • Aeronautical Engineering
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

2. Bachelor Course

Candidates can apply for the Bachelor Course after passing the class 12th. To do a Bachelor’s Course, one can participate in the entrance exam conducted at the State or National level. While some Universities conduct their own Entrance Exams.

Eligibility (For Engineering)

The following criteria are required for a candidate to do engineering.

  • Applicant must have passed Class 10+2 from any recognized Board with a minimum of 45% marks.
  • Physics, chemistry, and maths subjects are mandatory in class 12th.
  • Apart from this, a candidate who has done 3 years diploma engineering (any stream) can also apply for a bachelor’s.

Eligibility (For Graduation)

There are also many students who find this field quite attractive but they have not taken Mathematics in class 12th. So such students can do these two courses.

  • BBA in Aviation
  • BBA in Airport Management

And students who have taken science stream in 12th standard can graduate in these fields.

  • B Sc in Aeronautical
  • B Sc in Aviation
  • Bachelor of Science in AME

3. Masters Course

Candidates who wish to continue their further studies can apply for the Masters’s course. Candidates for the Masters’ course are given admission on the basis of an entrance test or merit list.


  • Candidates should have graduated (B.Tech/BE) from any recognized College/ University.
  • It is mandatory for the candidate to have at least 50% marks in graduation.
  • Candidates can get admission to a reputed institute through the GATE Exam.

Candidates who wish to do a master’s course (M.Tech) can do it in these fields. The duration of this course is only 2 years.

  • M.Tech in Structures and Design
  • M.Tech. in Aerodynamics Engineering
  • Masters in Avionics
  • M.Tech. in Aerospace Propulsion Technology

4. Doctorate Course

If you want to do more research and analysis, you can apply for a Ph.D. after completing the Masters’s. The duration of this course is 3 to 5 years.


  • The candidate should be a post-graduate from a registered college with a related subject.
  • At least 55% marks of the candidate are required.
  • Candidates can pass the Entrance Exam conducted at the National level or by the University.

Important Note: Candidates should focus more on one thing here that they should do internships during their graduation. Because, in interviews, more questions related to their projects and internships are asked.

Top Companies that provide Jobs for Aerospace Engineering

Finally, if you want to pursue a career in Aerospace Engineering, the job prospects are immense. Because most of the Indian government companies are negotiating new projects with private companies. Apart from India, aerospace engineers are also needed abroad.

Apart from this, the importance of Indian Engineers is very high in other countries. As the number of Indian engineers in the NASA space agency is very high. Since India itself wants to do more manufacturing in India, the prospects of jobs have increased considerably.

Therefore, here we will assess the field of jobs keeping in mind both India and abroad.

Top Recruiters companies In India

Talking about this time, after the Make in India scheme, many private companies are working closely with government companies. Due to which job opportunities have increased considerably. Therefore, here are some popular companies.

  • ISRO
  • Defense Research & Development Organisation (DRDO)
  • Hindustan Aeronautics Limited
  • AIRBUS (Aerospace Company)
  • Civil Aviation Department
  • TATA Advance System
  • BEL
  • Taneja Aerospace
  • Larsen & Turbo
  • Helicopter Corporation of India
  • Mahindra Aerospace

Top Recruiters companies abroad

Here are the names of some of the top companies in foreign countries.

  • NASA
  • SpaceX
  • Boeing

Salary of Aerospace Engineers

If you apply as a fresher, the salary depends on how many years of internship you have done during your academics. Also, depending on your skills, what is your innovation capability. And with the increase in experience, salaries also increase very well.

So, the Average Base pay salary of an Aerospace Engineer in India is 840k LPA.

So here, we will give details of what is the salary of an Aerospace Engineer at three levels.

Fresher Level

However, it is a little difficult to state a constant salary in India, as this value varies from company to company. But still, good companies in India pay starting salaries between 4 lakh to 6 lakh per annum.


In the same way, if you have better work experience of 3 to 4 years, you get a very good increase in salary. In India, the salary of an aerospace engineer is highest in Bangalore and Mumbai city as compared to other cities. Hence the mid-level salary is between 7 lakh to 10 lakh per year.


If we talk at the senior level, which has 10+ years of better experience, then the salary of the people is above 20 lakhs. In this case, the ISRO organization in India pays the highest.

It should also be kept in mind that bonuses and profit-sharing are done separately.

On the other hand, if you talk about a foreign country then the average pay salary is between 75K and 85K $.

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Skills Required

It is very important to have some important and necessary skills to make a career in aerospace engineering. While designing and manufacturing, it is necessary to keep in mind a lot of nuances, some important skills should be there.

There are many factors that have to be taken care of for example – Type of material, Air Resistance, Capacity, Atmospheric Pressure, Heat, etc. So, some of the following skills are given which is required.

  • Problem Solving
  • Good communication
  • Analytical Skills
  • Critical thinking
  • Target Oriented
  • Good command over Physics & Maths
  • Innovator
  • Knowledge of Computer Programming Language

What does an Aerospace Engineer Do?

Engineers have a lot of responsibility after making a career in Aerospace Engineering. And these responsibilities are divided on the basis of their skills and knowledge. So here we will see how challenges and workloads are handled by engineers.

Aerospace Engineer Responsibilities

  • Prototyping and testing aircraft and missiles.
  • Investigating the natural conditions prevailing in space and taking initiative.
  • Estimating the required funds for projects.
  • Implementing new methods by taking lessons from tests conducted in the past.
  • Applications of constantly changing technologies in projects.
  • Make full use of new technologies instead of old ones.
  • Reducing fuel consumption and pollution effects.
  • Troubleshoot problems with your colleagues as well.
  • In particular, an investigation into the causes of the plane crash.

Type of Job Profiles/Designation in Aerospace Engineer

The scope of responsibility of an aerospace engineer is huge. Therefore, they are given different designations based on these responsibilities. So, here are some job titles for which candidates can apply.

  • Aerospace Engineer
  • Aircraft Maintenance Engineer
  • Aerospace Tooling Design Engineer
  • Aerodynamicist
  • Automation Test Engineer
  • Mechanical Design Engineer

Top Aerospace Engineering colleges in India

There are many top-class Aerospace Engineer colleges and universities in India. Getting admission through the Entrance Exam in these colleges is a better option. So here are the names of some colleges and universities.

To Sum Up

I hope the above information will help you a lot. You may have little understanding of aerospace engineering knowledge. Therefore, based on this information, you will be able to make a clear decision.

Apart from this, if you want any more information related to this field, you can ask in the comment box.

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