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Through this (careerkhojo.com) website, useful and reliable information about Education & careers is provided for all the candidates. Whatever information is shared on this website, its details are done under review so that the candidates do not face any problems.

The information available on this site gives the right guidance to those choosing Education and Careers. Whatever information is available here is given based on a lot of research and experiences.

So, at Career Khojo, you will get to know better about Education, Career path, Class Syllabus, Chapter Notes, Exam Paper Solutions, Books, etc. Emphasis is placed on understanding the need of the candidates and giving them extensive counseling.

Sanjeev Harsh

My name is Sanjeev Harsh and I have graduated from Mechanical Department and am a teacher by profession. I have been teaching for many years, so I have a very good experience with Education and Career, which I deliver to people through my blog.

Apart from this, I also make YouTube videos related to education and career. Through these videos, information related to career or education is to be communicated.

We have expert writers and goal-oriented teams who have a lot of interest in the field of education and career. Whatever information is given here, there is also the opinion of research and experts behind it.

Hensal Dodiya is a doctor by profession and has a special interest in writing, so she provides quality content for this site.